Assoc.Prof. Dr. Mark Marku

Assoc.Prof. Dr. Mark Marku graduated in 1986 from the University of Tirana, Faculty of History and Philology, department of Language and Literature. In 1996, he completed his Master studies in the Institute of Public Relations and Communications (IRCOM) in Anger, France. He conducted the doctoral studies in the field of information and communication sciences at the University Paris II, France from which he graduated in 2003. After a long period of engagement in media and politics, in 2016 he was elected Head of Department of Journalism and Communication, Faculty of History and Philology, at the University of Tirana. Prof. Mark Marku is the author of several books as “Historia e Shtypit Shqiptar” (History of the Albanian Press), “Njohuri për letërsinë” (Knowledge on Literature), “Antologjia poetike” (Poetical Anthology), “O moj Shqypni” (Oh, Albania) etc.