The ICCMS 2022: The 3rd International Conference on “Communication and media developments in times of disinformation and global challenges”, will explore the global challenges of communication, in this era. It will explore the roots of the disinformation, the threats posed by new technological advances, the propaganda and manipulation in political communication, the transformation of mainstream media, as well as the marketing tools and policies required to offer a solution.

The conference aims to bring together leading academic members, researchers, journalists, communication and media experts, information and media professionals, to share their experiences and research results about issues related to disinformation. This conference also provides an interdisciplinary forum for researchers, to present and discuss their concerns and challenges encountered, along with the solutions adopted about disinformation.

Throughout the Covid-19 crisis, communications professionals have had to face with countless challenges. Whether its remote working practices, ongoing in-person working, furloughed staff or redundancies, internal communications has been crucial. After the unprecedented disruption of COVID-19, and faced with ongoing challenges including recessions, political instability, supply chain disruptions, climate crisis and more, communication professionals must find new ways of creating powerful, sustainable, and scalable connections with their stakeholders – and the ICCMS conference is best placed to drive this forward.

Nowdays, world is dealing with wars that have changed the traditional political communication strategies and bolster manipulation. The conference also aims to discuss challenges of global political communication, the growing need for a literated audience as a cornerstone of strengthening democracy.